Lecture: Neil Sinhababu – The Reliable Route from Is to Ought

Society for the Advancement of Philosophy and Philosophy Students’ Society – Scopus are inviting you to participate in a lecture given by Neil Sinhababu – The Reliable Route from Is to Ought.
The lecture will take place on Wednesday, April 12th, 12:45 h, on the Center for Croatian Studies, lecture hall Pula.

I present a strategy by which moral knowledge can be derived from non-moral knowledge, using insights from reliabilist epistemology. The strategy begins by discovering which cognitive processes generate which moral and non-moral beliefs. We can then assess the reliability of these cognitive processes for moral belief formation by considering to what extent they produce true belief on non-moral issues, and by checking whether they produce contradictory moral beliefs in different people. By retaining reliably caused beliefs and abandoning unreliably caused ones, we can move closer to moral truth. No normative ethical assumptions are required.